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Zeolite clinoptilolite in capsules

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Micronized natural zeolite, 97% clinoptilolite, 320 capsules per flask
Product information. 
  • Natural volcanic mineral with negative surface charge that absorbs and eliminates heavy metals, free radicals and toxins from the body through urine and feces.

  • Scientific studies have shown that it strengthens the immune system. Pre-clinical studies have demonstrated its anti-tumor capacity (see below).

  • Zeolite with unique purity of >90% clinoptilolite and a particle size of approx. 10-20 microns

  • Dose depends on use. Minimum detox dose of 6 capsules per day.

  • Chemical and microbiological analysis in a national certified laboratory (Chile) has shown that it complies with WHO standards for heavy metal content and naturally occurring microbes in natural products. Our company applies an additional UV-irradiation step to eliminate naturally-occuring microorganisms.

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(delivery in about 10 working days worldwide)

3 Flasks of zeolite in capsules

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5 Flasks of zeolite in capsules

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US $200 dollars

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Additional technical information:
  • Mineral origin: United States of America.
  • Physical-chemical analysis: meets the European standard for heavy metals and microbial load (Chilean certified laboratory analysis).
  • Composition: clinoptilolite 90-97% purity, rest opaline silica. Mordenite free.
  • Particle size: 99% between 5-50 microns.
  • Safe for human consumption.
  • Delivery: Monday through Friday (worldwide).

What are zeolites?

Zeolites are aluminosilicate minerals generated in eruptive areas that contain pores in their mineral structure. These minerals have unique properties that are useful for a variety of applications. Due to its high absorption capacity, applications have been reported in different areas such as removal of excess heavy metals, removal of metabolic by-products from the body, entrapment and removal of radioactive cesium ions, and lately, as a dietary supplement for detoxification of the body and for alternative treatment of diseases (see recent publication here). There are more than 100 natural and synthetic zeolites, however, clinoptilolite is the only zeolite recognized as 100% safe for human consumption.

How does clinoptilolite zeolite work in the body?

Clinoptilolite has a surface with a negative charge, which, like a magnet, attracts all those particles of positive charge (opposite charge). This allows it to trap, through a chemical process called absorption, a large number of molecules and atoms in its pores and surface. Its porosity provides a greater surface area and a protected absorption region against local environmental changes such as pH. Molecules such as ammonium ion and, to a lesser extent, lactic acid (both produced in excess by cancer cells, as shown in this and this paper), can be hypothetically trapped and removed by zeolites. Heavy metals such as copper, lead and zinc also adhere to clinoptilolite and can be removed. The presence of heavy metals is a common problem in cities globally whose water sources come from mountainous places. For example, in February 2016, the Medical Association of Chile indicated that drinking water in Santiago, the country's capital, which supplies 80% of its population, contains high rates of iron, manganese, cadmium, lead and molybdenum. All these metals have a positive charge and can be removed with zeolite clinoptilolite.

Our experience

Our company is located in Chile was born as a supplier of zeolite for water filtration and animal feed applications. Over the last years, we started to produce high quality natural clinoptilolite for human consumption due to a large amount of inquires. We use a natural clinoptilolite that we believe has the highest purity worldwide. Our company has a laboratory-analyzed zeolite batch that meets WHO food-standards. In addition, we apply a sterilization process with UV radiation before encapsulation to ensure elimination of naturally-ocurring microorganisms. 

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